ApplicationCodeStyle DescriptionDownload
for Windows

Automatic source code stylization and documentation of programming languages:
C / C++ / PHP / JavaScript / Java / and similar.

Built in management of list of files, for group stylization and documentation on multiple files.

Main functions of application:
  • Add missing brackets in statements
  • Add missing comments
  • Add missing spaces around operators
  • Convert Cpp-style comments to C-style comments
  • Finish IFs (with ELSE)
  • Finish SWITCHes (with DEFAULT)
  • Insert empty lines before C-style comments and case/default
  • Remove redundant empty lines
  • Replace tabulators by spaces
  • Sort lines positions
  • Split lines by bracktes { and }
  • ApplicationXCDe Apps DescriptionDownload
    XCDe Apps

    XCDe Apps is a pair of applications: XCDeClient and XCDeServer

    XCDeClient is application for debugging and analysis of source code running on external microcontroller. The code must be compiled with XCDe library. Application allows for analysis and edition of System Variables (SysVar), global variables from source code and its visualization (time scopes) and also allows to receive TraceMessages sent during code execution.

    XCDeServer is an emulator of external microcontroller wich is running source code compiled with XCDe library. Application allows for simulation of variable changing, with use of signal generators or manual editing. It is also possible to send TraceMessages.

    Communication is realized by Serial Port (COM / UART) or by internet / ethernet.
    ApplicationDocGen DescriptionDownload

    DocGen is application for:
  • Structural (tree-style) documentation development and managament
  • Software project requirements management
  • Documentation of source code in languages: C, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript
  • Implementation process management
  • Analysis of implementation progress
  • Documents generation in: ODT, XML, TXT with requirements, documentation and progress of project implementation
  • ApplicationDependency Analyser - DescriptionDownload
    Dependency Analyser

    DependencyAnalyser is application for:
  • Generating dependency file (.DEP)
  • Source code analysis dependent on include files
  • Preprocessor directives analysis

  • WARNING: DEMO version allows to analyse 200 lines of code
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